Best Tacos From Different Cities

In honor of #nationaltacoday, I think sharing my favorite tacos from a few cities might be appropriate. I love everything about Mexican Food, I'm always looking for taco trucks or an authentic Mexican Food restaurant in every city I go to. I've lived in Los Angeles for almost 2 years where I was surrounded by the an abundance of taco trucks and 2 hours away from San Diego where they also have great Mexican Food being less than an hour from Tijuana, Mexico. This year, I got the chance to not only visit a few cities in America, but Mexico as well. Truth is, I never got a single picture in Mexico due to all the food being inhaled within minutes. However, I did get a chance to document some delicious finds. 

1. Los Agaves at Pike Place In Seattle, WA

 The Best Tacos In Seattle, Washington. Located in Pike Place Market

If you find yourself in Seattle's Pike Place Market, I recommend grabbing a bite at this small Mexican Spot. Not only are these tacos $2 each, they are also packed with your choice of meat. Out of the three flavors I got, the beef tongue (lengua) was my favorite. Perfectly seasoned, tender and some hot sauce was the icing in the cake. 

2. Fish Taco in Bethesda, MD

 the best tacos in DC, the best taco in Maryland

Great tacos, great tortilla soup, and great corn on the cob and awesome interior space. This place is in Bethesda, Maryland which is the last place I expected to have good tacos. Street tacos are $3 each while the rest come in platters and sides. 

3. Salud in San Diego, CA

 The best tacos in San Diego, Best tacos in California 

I made a day trip to San Diego from Los Angeles in search of great food. I browses through The Thrillist, and came across Salud. It took me a while to find this place, and by the time I got there, the line was insane. Just like any other place, if there's a line, there's good food. I ordered the fish and carnita taco, wanted some horchata but it wasn't a "special" on that day, so corona it was. I unfortunately don't eat pork anymore, but this was the best Carnita taco that has come across my tongue. The fish taco was great as well, I ended up getting two tacos to go. 

4. Tacos Arizas Taco Truck in Los Angeles, CA

 the best taco truck in Los Angeles. The best mexican food in LA.

I haven't found any Mexican Food better than taco trucks in LA. I believe Los Angeles has the best Mexican Food in the country, but that's because I'm biased and haven't been to Texas. Taco trucks are not only affordable, they are also open really late, which is perfect for the late night munchies. 

5. Por Que No Taqueria in Portland, OR

 The best tacos in Portland Por Que No Taqueria 

I spotted this gem on Mississippi Ave, with a line longer than the DMV. Once again, I waited in line for some time while scheming through the menu, then when my time came up, I knew I had to try the calamari taco along with my go-to carne asada. Both tacos were delicious, If I get a chance to go back, I would double up on the calamari.