Breakfast in LA: Blu Jam Cafe

Social Media has become a huge part in our lives, as we all know. I used to just walk in to restaurant, or get recommendations for places to eat. Now all I do, is hop on the gram and see what's poppin, If the food looks great, or should I say picturesque, I then yelp it. I've seen this french toast picture before but never paid attention to it, you know, calories. Also because all french toast taste the same to me.

But, then I tried this crunchy french toast. The mother of all french toast. This egg brioche joint is rolled with corn flakes. The same corn flakes you eat for breakfast,  with added sugar. It's then topped with berries, sugar and vanilla bean sauce. Don't let the corn flake full you, this toast is crunchy but yet fluffy. It comes with the vanilla bean sauce for a reason, dip it! Suddenly this toast just went from a 9/10 to 10/10. Blu Jam has other french toast options but how could you possibly get anything else other than this sweet scrumptious piece of art. 

 The Norwegian Benedict and fresh juice.

The Norwegian Benedict and fresh juice.

OK, enough with the toast, let's talk eggs, salmon and potatoes, but we can also call it the Norwegian Benedict. It is Made with poached eggs, sauteed spinach, dill hollandaise sauce and Scottish smoked salmon. Honestly, i'm just at that point in my life where I feel ready to eat anything coming from Scotland. Before I continue, you must know that I don't care for potatoes unless the come in the form or french fries, seasoned french fries. I usually find them to be very dry and no flavor. First, the eggs was poached perfectly and the york was orange (healthy) and the salmon wasn't too salty. But the dill flavored hollandaise sauce was the icing on the cake, literally. I had to wash all this food down with a orange, grapefruit juice while a friend sipped on a straweberry mint juice.

I highly recommend Blu Jam, order whatever you want, but make sure you get the life changing crunchy toast. Blu Jam now has 3 locations,  West Hollywood, Woodland Hills, and Sherman Oaks. I suggest you get there as early as you can, unless you don't mind waiting for a table for over an hour. Their hours are 8am-4pm, but if you live in Tokyo, they're open till 10pm!