Exploring Some Of The Best Markets In Mexico City


There are heaps of markets in Mexico City, some bigger and better than others. Visiting markets can be one the best things to do in the city, especially on Mondays since all the museums and most attractions are closed. Markets can also be some of the best places for authentic Mexican Food or even exotic foods such as grasshoppers or ants. Mercado De San Juan, for example, has a crocodile burger. A fucken crocodile burger! I , unfortunately, did not get a chance to try it, although I heard it was good. Depending on which neighborhood you visit, chances are there's a market of some sought. If not, You'll be able to find whatever you're looking for on the streets. I've gotten in the habit of going to the market just for food since it's very inexpensive. Aside from the food, other markets like La Ciudadela are worth visiting for crafts. 


Mercado De San Juan


Mercado De San Juan often referred to as the "chef market" is foodie paradise. Located just steps from the Metro in downtown, this market has everything you need such as fruits, vegetables, and exotic meats. By exotic meats, we're talking crocodile or lion burgers, scorpions, grasshoppers and of course ants. Apart from that, you will find heaps of vendors claiming to have the best Mexican food. With so many options available, you have to try a few items from different vendors. I almost always get overwhelmed at food markets, it took me 20 minutes to decide where to eat while all the waiters try to lure me into their restaurant. Although I originally wanted mole, I couldn't help but drool all over these carnitas tacos(pictured above), carnitas are my weakness.  

The Vibe- This market is crowded with locals, not that many tourists. Just like many markets, you will have multiple employees trying to convince you to try their food. 

Getting here- the closest metro stop is Salta De Agua on the pink line.

Mercado De San Juan $
Calle de Ernesto Pugibet No. 21
Open Monday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m

Coyoacan Market


Coyoacan isn't only home to Frida Kahlo but also one of the best markets in the city. First of all, this market is huge. You'll be able to find produce, raw meats and some delicious food. It took me about 30 minutes to find a place to eat, at that point, I was willing to try more than one. More than anything, I wanted pozole(bottom right), a soup with corn and meat. I walked around for around for a bit until I found a place at the end of the market. On my way out, I came across a few guys selling and carnitas tacos (bottom left) and chicharrones, and I had to make a stop. 

The Vibe- This is a locals market, heaps of them. I went on a Sunday and it was packed. 

Getting here- The closest train stop to the market is the Coyoacan metro stop. From there you would have to walk for about 20 minutes. 

Coyoacan Market $
Ignacio Allende, s/n, Coyoácan, Del Carmen
Tel. 55 4072 1596
Open Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m

Terraza Atenea


In all fairness, I'm not sure If I should call this a market. More like a food court or space with multiple vendors. It's not only located in my favorite neighborhood Roma Norte, but it also happens to be one of my favorite foodie spots. I'm always happy to recommend this place to people who aren't sure on what to eat, there are so many delicious options. You can find Japanese food, Mexican, Vietnamese, Turkish and much more. Your options are endless, and not to mention, it's affordable, even for locals. 

    I've had the pleasure of trying a few vendors, and they were all really good. The real highlight was this soup from Simona Caldos Y Tlayudas. I've never been much of soup person, but Mexico has changed me. Especially when beef is involved and by beef I mean the bone marrow. If you're in the mood for Vietnamese food, Boba Delicious(pIctured bottom left) is a great option. Also don't forget to try some empanadas (bottom right), fluffy and delicious.  

    • The Vibe- One word, locals, they love it here. The seating area is in the middle surrounded by the vendors. As soon as you order, you can have a seat and the food will be brought to you. It's quite small, not too loud but can get very crowded on weekends.
    • Getting Here- The closest metro to Terraza Atenea is the Insurgentes stop on the pink line, from there it's about a 15-minute walk.

    Terraza Atenea $
    Calle de Chihuahua 115, Roma Nte

    Mercado Roma

    Mercado Roma is another great market in the Roma Market, which I'm sure you've seen all over blogs. It's very hipster-like, compared to the rest of the markets in Mexico City, but still awesome. In my opinion, this more like The Grand Central Market in Los Angeles without the produce section. Mercado Roma has everything you need, such as a cigar shop, the famous churreria El Moro, sushirritos, and much more. Aside from El More, there are other dessert options such like this Jamaica, lychee flavored gelato from Ozio


    When it comes to healthy gourmet meals at markets, options are usually limited. I've noticed that vegans/vegetarians normally have a hard time eating out at markets unless a tortilla with rice and beans sounds appealing. Luckily, Mercado Roma has a great option for the non-meat and meat-eaters out there with Te Quiero Quinoa. A Santa Fe-based restaurant serving everything from quinoa bowls, vegan burgers, sandwiches, smoothies, and salads. Super delicious meal with a hint of South East Asian flavour. With only two locations so far, Te Quiero Quinoa will soon have over 10 locations throughout the city. 

    • The Vibe- Very touristy, not that many locals. It's a very pretty market with great decor and indoor/outdoor seating

    • Getting Here- the closest metro once again is Insurgentes which is about a 20-minute walk. 

    Mercado Roma $$
    Calle Querétaro 225, Roma Nte
    Tel.  55 5564 1396
    Open Monday-Wednesday 9 am- 9 pm, Thursday 9 am- 1:30 am, Friday- Saturday 9 am- 2 am, Sunday 9 am- 7:30 pm. 

    La Ciudadela Market

    A trip to Mexico City is non-existent without a trip to La Ciudadela, the best craft market around. A huge market filled with blankets, bags, hats, accessories, and anything else you can imagine for a gift or yourself. If you aren't interested in buying anything, walking around is also pretty cool, there are so many vendors, getting lost is pretty easy. 

    • The Vibe- Most of the people I saw here were tourists, not that many locals. It can get pretty crowded at times, but if you go on weekdays, you won't have any problems. 
    • Getting here- La Ciudadela is located just blocks from Mercado De San Juan. The closest station is Balderas on the pink and green line. Alternatively, you could get off at Salta De Agua on the pink line and walk for about 10 minutes.

    La Ciudadela Market $$
    Calle de Balderas s/n, Centro Histórico, Centro, 
    Tel. 55 5510 1828
    Open Monday- Saturday 9 am- 7 pm, Sunday 9 am- 6 pm