The Foodie List That Will Make You Book Your Next Flight

I can't think of a place that I visited where I didn't research food spots from either locals or blogs. As excited as I am to try new foods, I always find myself searching for tacos, and most of the time I end up being disappointed thanks to living in California. I'm pretty picky when it comes to food, but fried chicken sandwiches and ice cream always find their way to my belly. Out of all the cities, I visited this year, I still can't pick the best foodie city. I will say, I was super impressed with Portland, and San Diego, both for different reasons. Portland had better food overall and San Diego had better Mexican Food. I managed to snap a few pics of delicious food throughout my travels, I hope this list makes you want to travel to some of these places. After all, who wouldn' want to travel for food. 



Los Angeles has great food from different cultures. Here, you will find, Korea Town, Chinatown, Thai Town, Armenia Town, Ethiopia Town plus heaps of neighborhoods with delicious food. A local favorite is always Korean BBQ and taco trucks, not only for the price but for the taste as well. LA 

Free Range LA

 The best fried chicken sandwich in LA. Free Range LA

Free Range has 2 spots in the city, a truck, and a stand at the Melrose Place Farmers Market in West Hollywood. It's very well known for their fried chicken sandwich as well as other breakfast items. 


 IN-N-OUT Los Angeles

In-n-out is a probably the most crowded spot in town, no matter what time of day. They offer great basic burgers that not only taste good but also good for your pocket as it is very cheap. There's a few locations in the city, one of them being pretty close to airport making it a great layover foodie break. 

Blu Jam Cafe

 Best brunch in Los Angeles

Hands down, the best french in LA. I had the pleasure of living a few blocks from Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose in West Hollywood. Due to the fact that they close very early, Blu Jam is always packed. It's best to come before 10 am unless you don't mind waiting for hours. The crunchy french toast is the best item on the menu, but their eggs benedict are great as well. 


Some say NYC is the foodies capital of the US, and I might agree but only to a certain extent. I've had some of the best foods here, especially soul food in Harlem and Brooklyn. However, I think amazing Mexican food is a bit too hard to find. Nevertheless, it still has great food. 

Smorgasburg: Home Frite

 What to eat in NYC

Smorgasburg, a foodie market with insane skyline views is a summer must in Brooklyn. With so many options to try, Home Frite is home to some of the best fries in the city. 

Cafe Habana

 The best Cuban food in NYC

There's Cuban food, then there's Cafe Habana. This tiny hole in the wall located in Nolita has killer food including my favorite, the Steak Sandwich. Other popular items on the menu include The Cuban sandwich and grilled corn Mexican style.


 Best food in Harlem

I don't normally eat pizza, in fact, it's one of my least favorite. Reason being my hate for cheese and tomato sauce. However, I do like a lox pizza, and this one from Fumo was delicious. Fumo is a somewhat new in Harlem and offers delicious Italian food and great brunch. 



Portland, aka the foodie city, lives up to its name. As every other city on this list, I went to Portland just for the food. I really wanted to try Pok Pok and Blue Star Donuts, and obviously everything else. Portland will have to be one of the top cities for food so far, mainly because of the calamari taco I had at Por Que No on Mississippi Ave. 


 The best sandwich in Portland

I found out about Lardo through my Uber driver who told me they had the best sandwiches in town. I got the Pho sandwich, which was not only interesting but also damn good. The beef was marinated perfectly and the house chips were very tasty.

Salt & Straw

 Where to eat in Portland

A trip to Portland isn't real without a Salt & Straw visit. I must have waited in line for over 30 minutes, not really complaining since it was the best lavender-flavored ice cream I've had.




 Sushiritto in San Francisco 

I'm certain you've seen ushirittos all over social media. If you like sushi and burritos, this is for you. Sushiritto is the world's first sushiritto concept in San Francisco. It was just as good as it looks, and reasonably priced for SF.


I didn't start traveling solo until January when I took my first trip to San Diego, which took me just 2 hours from Los Angeles. This is where my foodie obsession began, I was told they had great Mexican food, so I had to try for myself. Besides that, everything else was amazing.

Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream

 Hammond's Gourmet, San Diego

Hammond's is one of the best ice cream spots in San Diego and conveniently located in the North Park neighborhood. They have over 30 flavors which will make you full from sampling before even buying anything. This green tea and mango lychee sorbet were super delicious. 

Carnitas Snack Shack

 Carnitas Snack Shack

Carnitas Snack ShackQuite possibly the best-fried chicken sandwich goes to Carnitas Snack Shack in the North Park area. I also got the chance to try their pork belly which was amazing as well.

Mexico City

I'm sure you were able to figure out how much I love Mexican food, and how I should have a lot more snaps of what I ate. But, reality is that the food was gone before I had the chance to take a pic. This trip was a taco, tostada, tamale, mezcal heaven. Mexico city has a lot of great restaurants, but the best food, in my opinion, came from the street food. I loved the food so much, I would like to live there one day for at least 6 months.

Le Cerveceria De Barrio 

 The best flan in Mexico

Flan has always been one of my favorite desserts, and there's no way I wouldn't have gotten any in Mexico. I'm usually not a big fan of sweets unless its ice cream, but churros and flan will always make their way to my belly. I went to La Cerverceria  moments before heading to the airport and only got the chance to order flan. I wanted to make it my last meal in Mexico and knew I made the right choice from the first bite. 


I have to admit, prior to coming to South Africa, my mostly wanted to eat traditional foods like pap and braai. Only because I haven't had it in about 10 years since moving to the states from Swaziland. While in Johannesburg, I went to a food market which changed my entire perspective. I've been to tons of markets different states in the US, but the markets here in South Africa are unreal.

Wild Oats Market- Sedgefield 

 The best food in South Africa

Wild Oats Market is every Saturday in Sedgefield. A town a few kilometers from Wilderness on the beautiful Garden Route. Here you will find vendors ranging from German, Indian, South African and many more. Instead of having a bacon egg sandwich, a friend and I tried some falafel. 

Neighborgoods Market- Johannesburg

 Where to eat in Johannesburg

Neighborgoods Market has locations both in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This market has amazing foods, as well as an amazing crowd. The venue has an outdoor patio where you can catch a live band while stuffing your face with delicous food and sipping on some tequila.

Soul Souvlaki- Johannesburg

 When a Johannesburg local recommends a Greek place for lunch, you simply go. I had just got in town and needed an affordable lunch with amazing food. Soul Souvalki is in the Maboneng Precinct neighborhood, a must stop in Johannesburg. The food was delicious, well seasoned, with great staff and good vibes. Definitely one of the best meals I had in Joburg.   


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