Where To Eat In Roma & Condesa, Mexico City


There's no doubt Mexico City has great Mexican food. But, is that all they're good for, no. If you're strictly looking for Mexican food like tacos, tortas, or pozole, then you'll be able to find it everywhere. As much as eating tacos on a regular basis sounds ideal, sometimes you must eat something else. Since this is my second visit to Mexico City, I made an effort to try as much food as I could starting with two of my favorite neighborhoods Roma and Condesa. Both these neighborhoods can get a little overpriced, but often worth it. Roma is by far my favorite neighborhood in Mexico City, with Condesa coming in second place. The diversity of foods/bars found in both neighborhoods is quite impressive. I'll be showing you the some of the best foods I've had in Roma and Condesa. If you need a reason to visit Mexico, hopefully, this list will get the job done. 

****Disclaimer: Although some of this post contains sponsored links, all opinions are my own. ****


Known for being one of the best restaurants in Roma, duo Chef Daniel Ovadia and Salvador Orozco(pictured below) are killing it with Nudo Negro. Nudo Negro is a fusion restaurant with the tastes of Mexico, Japan, The Middle East and Korea. 

These tapas-style dishes are meant to be shared, ranging from oysters(pictured above) to bone marrow tacos, and much more. Start your experience with a visit to the kitchen for a complimentary taste of an item, then order a cocktail(margarita) while waiting for your food. If you're feeling fishy, try some oysters with a piece of fried bone marrow on a bed of sea salt (pictured below). Or perhaps you want some duck dumplings(pictured below) with almond sauce, one of the best on the menu. Another highlight on their menu will have to be the ribs with mole. If you're a fan of mole, this ribs combo should be a no brainer. As for desserts, I got to try a brownie with curry ice cream. You read that right, curry ice cream. I never thought the two could work together but, the curry was delicious. Dining at Nudo Negro is an experience and should be on your list while in Mexico City. 

Nudo Negro $$$
Zacatecas, 139, Colonia Roma Norte
Tel.  55 5564 5281
Open Tuesday – Saturday 1 p.m. – 12 a.m., Sunday 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Monday


Dulcinea is a Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Roma, ran by chef Lucy (pictured below) and Fabian Acuña. Unlike many Mexican restaurants, chef Lucy and Fabian managed to take local flavors and ingredients turning them into edgy, but yet authentic meals. Dulcinea's menu has a large selection of seafood, like these delicious Baja-style tacos (pictured below).

Both fish and shrimp tacos were great, but the real highlight has to be the soup. Having soup before a meal is a common practice in Mexico, therefore, it has to stand out. Not being a soups person, I can't say I've tried any of these flavors. From the sound of it, I thought the chicharron soup would be my favorite, but the tortilla was BOMB. This soup should be the first item you try on the menu.  


I recommend ordering seafood tacos, for your main meal. It's a Mexican restaurant after all. Their deep fried shrimp tacos(pictured below), are easily some of the best shrimp tacos out there. Finish off your dining experience with crepes stuffed with apples, not too sweet and made to perfection. 

Dulcinea $$$
Tabasco 46, Cuauhutemoc, Roma Nte
Tel.  55 9688 6595
Open Tuesday – Friday 1 p.m. – 12 a.m., Saturday 9 a.m. - 12 a.m., Sunday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed Monday



Merkava is a Jerusalem-style restaurant, a first in Mexico City by the talented duo Chef Daniel Ovadia and Salvador Orozco. Merkava opened it's doors earlier this year, quickly becoming popular with the locals. Located in the heart of Condesa, Merkava is a must for legit hummusiya. The duo Chefs of Nudo Negro and almost a dozen other restaurants including one in Paris created a gem with Merkava once again. Another must try in the city, perfect for everyone, especially vegetarians. 

As a hummusiya, I recommend ordering hummus of course. You can choose from a variety, with this garlic pickle(pictured below) one being my favorite. Make sure you start your day with this refreshing mint drink or a glass of Romanian wine. I recommend reserving a table as it can get busy at times.

Merkavá $$
Av. Amsterdam 53, Condesa
Tel. 5086 – 8065
Open Tuesday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 11:45 p.m., Sunday until 6 p.m., closed Monday


I'm not sure if the term food market applies to Terraza, but this multi-vendor space is one of my favorite spot in the neighborhood. Located right off my favorite avenue Alvaro Obregon, Terreza Atenea has over ten vendors ranging from Japanese to Vietnamese, Mexican, Turkish and much more. As much as I love sushi and Turkish food, nothing sounded better than a banh mi (pictured below). Space is very chill, nice and quiet on weekdays, but crowded on the weekends. 

Panadería Rosetta

One thing I've noticed here in Mexico City is the lack of delicious baked goods. I've tried pastries from a lot of coffee shops, bakeries and none were that good. Then, an angel recommended Panaderia Rosetta aka pastry goals. They have great coffee, matcha lattes, and baked goods. 

 Colima 179, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Colima 179, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Panaderia Rosetta $$
Colima 179, Cuauhtémoc, Roma Nte
Tel. 55 5207 2976
Open Monday – Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sunday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

Street Food

You can find great street anywhere here in Mexico City. My go to is always tacos but decided to try some tortas. At about $40 pesos each, this is ideal for the hungry. 

  • Lardo is a great place in Condesa for breakfast. It's reasonably priced, great interior decor, and great food. I recommend this place for brunch as well, just be prepared to wait a few minutes to be seated.
  • Ojo De Agua has great healthy food. This restaurant serves great fresh juice, smoothies, coffee, Mexican food and has a great ambiance. 



Condesa DF is a fancy hotel located in Condesa. It's beautifully designed, with great drinks and sick views of the park. You will spend a bit more than other bars, but the view itself is so beautiful, it might be worth it. 

  • Pata Negra located in Condesa is one of my favorites in the area. Sure, it gets packed, hot and difficult to get in at times, but its good times. This two-floor party paradise also has free salsa classes every Wednesday's 8-10pm. 
  • Ladina Bar, another favorite in Roma. Chilled vibes, never that crowded and the staff is super cool.
  • Pulqueria Insurgentes is another favorite of mine. It has four floors with the last being a rooftop. It's not only a great place to try some pulque, but also a great place to dance on weekends.