About Me


My name is Welile Vilane, I'm from Swaziland and Living in the States. I moved to the US when I was 13 year old. Since, I've lived in Maryland, NYC and most recently Los Angeles.  

Traveling for me, started January 2016 when I took a solo weekend trip to San Francisco. Prior to that, I always thought all these people traveling must have a lot of money or have their trips paid for by someone else, which is true for some. Until I realized most people prioritize travel over everything else, that's when my life changed, LITERALLY! After my trip to SF, I went to Portland a month after and Mexico City two months after that. My trip to Mexico is the reason why I started backpacking, that was April 2016. Fast forward to August 2016, I left Los Angeles on my first backpacking trip with my first stop Canada. I spent two great months in Canada before making my way to South Africa and Swaziland where I spent another three months. Backpacking solo in these beautiful countries has been a dream come true from the people, the food, and culture. Other than backpacking, I love food. One of the most exciting things about traveling is trying different foods. Since I'm always on a budget, I tend to go for food trucks or hole in the wall spots. I also love the outdoors, whether it's hiking, laying on the beach, camping etc. 

In addition to traveling, I love cooking. Primarily healthy, low-carb, low-sugar meals. I also love exploring food places in whatever area I'm in, right now being Los Angeles.