Solo Trip to Mexico

I chose Mexico City for my first solo international trip, why? because it was cheap, I love Mexican food specifically tacos, and the USD to Pesos conversion is strong AF $$. I knew nothing about Mexico City, or even that much about Mexico at all besides Cancun or Tijuana, along with absolutely no Spanish. I booked the ticket first, then I did my research, I looked at blogs for places to eat and things to do. As the trip got closer and closer, friends warned me about how dangerous Mexico was. Now, of course I wasn't going to cancel my ticket, and not because it was non refundable but because I chose not to listen to to people who have never set foot in Mexico. Instead, I sought advice from a few ladies who currently live in Mexico City. They all made it very clear on how safe it was and that I had nothing to worry about. 

I got to Mexico City at around 2 pm on a very hot Friday, and instantly regretted not checking the weather as I wearing a heavy leather jacket. It took me about 20 minutes to get a cab, I talked to a few companies and they all tried to hustle me, eventually I had to pick one. The drive to the hostel is normally 25 minutes, but traffic was horrid, so instead it took a little over an hour. First of all, some Mexican Drivers in the city don't give a fuck. Traffic Lights, what is that? And don't think for one second you won't see a small car with about seven people in it. This city is very crowded, I mean they don't call it the 2nd most populated city in the world for nothing all of a sudden.  

I finally get to my hostel, it's now 4 pm and all I want to do is check in, change, and eat. I wanted all the tacos, I ONLY CAME FOR TACOS and horchatta. I walked around the Zocalo Square, until I found a cool taco place that served tacos de rellena, AKA blood tacos. Yes, I said blood tacos, cooked with garlic and onions and they were delightful. I'm African, so I've had blood dishes before. 


Mexico City has beautiful building, Churches and Cathedrals. They were all well built and some so old they were tilting. The picture above is of The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. I enjoyed exploring the city and to do so, I chose the hop on hop off. It made getting from one place to another much easier. Mexico City is very blessed with public transportation especially trains, but you couldn't pay me enough to use it. I've never seen a train so packed and that includes both red and green uptown trains in NYC, I relied on buses and Uber. 

Churros!!!! Let's talk about churros. You can't visit Mexico without having some. I asked a few locals where I could find the best churros, and they all told me El Moro. Came here at about 2 pm on a Monday, no lines and plenty of seats. Each order came with four churros, I also added a milkshake. The churros were great, better than New York City subway churros. The churros and milkshake came out to about $85 Pesos, which was very reasonable. If you're with someone, I would suggest sharing the churros, I only had about two of them and had to give the rest away.

While roaming the streets of Roma, we came across Tacos Y Ceviches which I wanted to try since I hadn't had any seafood in the city yet. I ordered two tostada, fish and ceviche, and they were amazing. I have to say, I was a little hesitant in eating seafood so far away from the ocean, but I was hungry and was willing to face the consequences. One thing I noticed was how genuine customer service was, which made me tip more. 

Mexico City has the most museums in the whole world. I only got the chance to visit two of them, The National Museum of Anthropology and Museo Soumaya. Museo Soumaya had free admission while the Museum of Anthropology was about $60 pesos. The National Museum of Anthropology is located next to the Chapultepec Park which I suggest for taking a stroll. Both Museums were great, and not very crowded surprisingly.

Just about 40 minutes without traffic outside of Mexico City, you can get to Teotihuacan. The bus cost is about $60 pesos from the North Bus Station. I suggest going to the pyramids without a tour as it is very easy to get there. I came here in April which was very hot. About 90 degrees and I don't recommend it. I wanted to climb up the stairs but I couldn't because of the heat.