A Day In Coyoacán, What To Do And Where To Eat


Located in the southern part of Mexico City, Coyoacan is home to both UNAM and Museo Frida Kahlo. Coyoacan gets its name from " the place of coyotes" in Nahuatl, an Aztec language spoken in Central Mexico. For a pretty quiet neighborhood, Coyoacan is very rich in art, street food, cafes, restaurants and beautiful colorful buildings. It's very safe to walk around this neighborhood, and best of all, there are barely any tourists on weekdays. Since a lot of tourists like to visit Frida's House, everything else is within a few blocks. If you have enough time, spending a day or even a few hours in Coyoacan should be a must while in Mexico City. Here's a list of some things to do around the neighborhood, including where to eat. 

Mercado de Coyoacan


Mercado de Coyoacan is my one of my favorite markets in Mexico City, mainly because of its size and the abundance of food options. First off, let me start by saying this market is huge. You'll be able to find food, goods, clothes, and groceries. Walking around this market can make your head spin as you can easily spend up to 2 hours. Another reason why I love this market so much is that there are barely any tourists. Also, If you've never tried chicharrones or carnitas before, you'll surely find them here, some of my favorite. 

Getting here- The closest train stop to the market is the Coyoacan metro stop. From there you would have to walk for about 20 minutes. 

Coyoacan Market $
Ignacio Allende, s/n, Coyoácan, Del Carmen
Tel. 55 4072 1596
Open Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m

Museo Frida Kahlo


Museo Frida Kahlo aka the ''blue house'' is probably the most important reason why tourist visit Coyoacan. This blue house is where Frida Kahlo was born, grew up and eventually lived with her husband and artist Diego Rivera. It houses both her and her husband's artwork along with other Mexican artists. The house is luckily located within minutes from the Mercado de Coyoacan, making it easy to visit both. The first things to do before your visit is to buy tickets online here. By doing this, you're saving time waiting in line. Entry to the museum will cost about $200 pesos, cheaper with a student ID card. 

Museo Frida Kahlo $$
Londres 247, Del Carmen, Coyoacán
Tel. 5554 5999
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m Closed Mondays

Mercado Del Carmen


Mercado Del Carmen is a hipster market in Coyoacan, similar to Mercado Roma in Roma Norte.  This market/food court has over 20 vendors ranging from sushi, bakeries, cafes and even a barbershop. You can also find one of the best cafes in Coyoacan at this market, Cafe Avellaneda. 

Mercado Del Carmen $$
04100, Malintzin 199, Del Carmen, Coyoacan
Tel. 5554 5999
Open Monday – Wednesday 8 am. – 10 p.m,  Friday - Saturday 8 a.m - 2 a.m, Saturday 8 am - 9 pm

La Casa De Los Tacos


I had a few people tell me about this place, calling it some of the best tacos in Coyoacan. La Casa De Los Tacos is a local favorite, probably because of its exotic meats. The menu has everything from ants, worms, scorpions, and usual pork and beef meats. Ants, worms, and scorpions sound delicious, but so did the deer taco ( pictured above). I've only had deer meat once, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Other places include La Coyoacan which has a great patio and Centenario 107 which has great vibes in the evening and great pizza. 

La Casa De Los Tacos $$
Felipe Carrillo Puerto 16, Coyoacán TNT, Coyoacán
Tel. 55 5554 9492
Open Monday – Tuesday 10:00 a.m. – 10 p.m Thursday 10 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 12 a.m. 

Cafe Negro


Coyoacan has a few good coffee shops, perfect for every budget. Cafe Negra is one of my favorite cafes in the neighborhood. It's great for coffee, wifi, pastries, and ambiance. Other great cafes are El Jarocho, the most famous cafe in Coyoacan and Cafe Avellaneda. 

Cafe Negro $$
 Centenario 16, Coyoacá
Tel. 5554 5999
Open Monday - Sunday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. 

Walk Around

Coyoacan is a beautiful neighborhood full of color. Every wall has different and bright colors, perfect for pictures. While walking around in the center, you'll find a park to relax and heaps of street food. 

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