Day trip to Galiano Island

I must admit I came to Vancouver Island with little to no research about surrounding Islands or cities. On days off, I would go into town to either Sidney or Victoria not knowing there were beautiful Island around. A friend who as well worked on the farm made a day trip to the Island, and that's when the research came in. I had plenty of time to go on my days off, so the planning began. I knew I wanted to see at least two Islands, but not exactly sure which one, since there's a lot of them.

I then picked Galiano Island, mainly because most people favored it. Getting to the Island is actually quite easy from the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal in Sidney, and cost about $13 CAD for a round trip. It took about an hour and a half to get there. 

Montague Harbour Marine 

Montague Habour Marine is about 8 km from the ferry terminal, there is no public transportation. If you aren't driving, just hitchhike. We hitchhiked the entire day, people were great and didn't take very long.

The beaches at Montague Harbour were not only cold AF, but rocky.  But, we were lucky enough to find an isolated beach with no one around and white looking sand covered in white sea shells. At this point, I think pretty much most beaches I've been to have been freezing and rocky. By rocky I mean, its rocks instead of sand. To get to this beautiful beach we had to hike from the parking lot, very nice quiet hike.  

Hummingbird Pub

After a long hike, or just a long day, make your way to Hummingbird Pub. This pub is located between Montague Harbour Marine and the ferry terminal. The locals love this spot and I don't blame them. The drinks are cheap, the food not so much. The exterior is dope and there's a school bus shuttle that picks you up from the ferry to the Pub.

Scoops Ice Cream

What's a trip to anywhere without ice cream? I'll wait....

Scoops is located walking distance from the ferry where they have other foods such a Babes in the Woods Pizza which every local raves about. Unfortunately, I'm not a pizza person. The ice cream was mango flavored and delicious. 

Max and Moritz Spicy Island Food House

I was intrigued by this German/Indonesian food truck parked right next to the ferry. I ordered the schaschliktasche which is just beef/chicken with peppers. It was really good, not sure how authentic it is compared to the real German version.