The Best Apps Every Traveler Should Have


At this point, I think it's safe to say Facebook is the best social media platform. It wasn't until the beginning of this year that I started using FB for more than keeping in touch with family/friends. I came across a few groups like Girls Love Travel, a travel group with over a hundred thousand women. GLT was the first group I joined, not only did I get inspired by other women to travel, but I also learned about countries and scored on a flight deal to London posted by a member. Such groups are also very popular for meeting locals and other travelers. Also, I think it's safe to say Facebook saved my life when I lost my wallet in Guanajuato, MX. With no Western Unions or any other way to get money sent to me, I reached out to travel groups hoping someone was around who could help luckily, there was. I was able to sort everything out and got to enjoy the beautiful city thanks to FB groups. As for Instagram, I use it to find restaurants and hidden gems. It's also great for tips and finding travel pals.


I'm always looking for deals, especially when it comes to flights. There are many flight booking websites like Kayak or Expedia, or Google flights that aren't bad. Skyscanner is a bit easier to use, I find their "flexible" feature to be amazing for those who aren't sure of where they'd like to go. Skyscanner also offers car rental and hotel services. 


This global trip planner should be downloaded by every traveler. The Melbourne-based company works well for long distance and local journeys. Simply put the address and get all options from flights, ferries, buses, driving with prices included. I've used the app in Mexico and South Africa with very accurate results. 

Google Translate

If you've ever been to a country with a foreign language, you understand why Google Translate is important. I spent some time in Mexico with enough words to order food and ask for the bathroom. There's always a debate on how these translate apps aren't accurate, which is true. But, I think translating a few words is better than nothing. is an offline turn by turn navigation app available in every country. The fact that it works offline is great especially for those who depend on wifi during their travels.  I used this app all over Canada and currently in South Africa and it's great so far. 


There's a reason why WhatApp has millions of users. Free text, calls, and video to other users with group chats and more. This app is perfect travelers who don't want to run up their data since it works with wifi. This and Facebook Messanger are the only message apps I used. 


Life hasn't been the same since Uber launched, I use it when I'm in my home city as well as traveling. Not only is it usually cheaper than taxi's, Uber is also usually safer with cars in better condition. In some cities, Johannesburg for example, Uber has been the best option due to poor public transportation.